Announcements for week:  10/30/16

HWMR – Crystallization-study of Exodus – Week 47- The Workers of the Tabernacle and the Sabbath in Relation to the Building Work

The Life Practices and the Exercise of Our Inward and Hidden Parts
Labor Day Conference – Beltsville, MD
Labor Day Conference – Jacksonville, FL
2016 – The Preparation of the Bride – Ron Kangas

Wednesday Prayer – 7:30 PM – In the homes

Prayer burdens
For the gospel on the campuses, 
       the co-working brothers and sisters,
Itero – Co-workers and elders,
Europe, Israel, US elections
Beseeching – Prayer burdens

Upcoming Events

2016 Fall Blending of the churches in the Carolinas – November 13th

American Legion Post 6
1714 Legion Rd.
Chapel Hill, NC

Upcoming schedule

November 6 – Meet in the home
November 13 – Meet in Chapel Hill
November 30 – Meet at DoubleTree Hotel

Calendar of Events (2016 – 2017) –  Conferences and Trainings